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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Traditions - Liquer and fireworks

As I spent new-years in Scotland this year, I was curious to hear of their "First footing" tradition.
You visit friends and neighbours and bring a bottle of whiskey, a piece of Coal (For the Fire - not because you are bad like in the States) and some food (sometimes the host will have the food instead) - this tradition has somewhat fallen in popularity when the police have been stricter on drinking and driving laws, but a girl I talked to said she could remember being dragged around all night (starts at midnight) to see friends and family.
First footing obviously comes from being the first to set foot over the threshold of someone's house, and one question that comes up in my mind is; if everyone is out visiting someone else, how can anyone be at home?
But somehow it all seems to work out.

In the US of A I know you like to throw confetti around and kiss alot.
In Norway we like to combine massive ammounts of Liquer with serious fireworks. Always a good combination....

Please comment if your country has a special tradition or if you know something further about the First Footing tradition.


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