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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Luft Hånd-tørkere (og bakterie-problemet)

En velkjent urban myte er at du blir mer skitten på hendene ved å bruke luft-tørkere på do.
En lengre forskrings-rapport er gjort på emnet, og sammendraget er vedlagt under.
Det er 40-75% mindre bakterier i luften som blåses UT av varm-luft blåseren i forhold til den generelle luften som er inne på et hvert offentlig toalett.
Så dersom du tror du er lur ved å la være å bruke luft-tørkeren så tar du veldig veldig veldig feil (nevnte jeg at du tar feil???!!)

A finger rinse technique for counting micro-organisms on hands showed no significant difference in the level of recovered micro-organisms following hand drying using either warm air or paper towels. Contact plate results appeared to reflect the degree of dampness of hands after drying rather than the actual numbers of micro-organisms on the hands. In laboratory tests, a reduction in airborne count of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus of between 40 and 75% was achieved from 600 readings comparing inlets and outlets of warm air hand driers. In washroom trials, the number of airborne micro-organisms was reduced by between 30 and 75%. Air emitted from the outlet of the driers contained significantly fewer micro-organisms than air entering the driers. Drying of hands with hand driers was no more likely to generate airborne micro-organisms than drying with paper towels. Levels of micro-organisms on external surfaces of hand driers were not significantly different to those on other washroom surfaces. This work shows that warm air hand driers, of the type used in this study, are a hygienic method of drying hands and therefore appropriate for use in both the healthcare and food industry

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