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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The confusing moon - ebb and tides

So we all know there is a high tide twice a day - and that it has something to do with the moon. I sometime pretend that this makes perfect sense even though the moon just rotates around the world ones a day. And am quite happy nobody has called me on explaining why this makes so much sense... because it really doesnt...

There will also come a follow-up blogg-article on the concept of not only the water moving, but also the earths crust moving around and being attracted by the moon. But firstly lets figure out the water movement.

The pull of gravity is reduced dramatically with distance. So lunar gravity pulls on the side of the earth thats facing it, aswell as pulling somewhat on the other side of the earth too (But very much less so). So the high-tide that occurs when the moon is closest to that side of the earth is one of the high-tides, where the high tide on the "other side" is a result of the moon´s tug on the earth, "leaving the ocean behind".


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