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Friday, June 29, 2007

Most expensive cities in the world - most recent ranking

Norwegians always love rankings that show that we have the highest quality of life, and when they are released (yearly or so) the newspapers always love to make big stories about it as they guarantee sales.
Here is a recent list by Mercer of the most expensive cities in the world.
In a few weeks I will be moving from the 10th most expesive city in the world to the 14th... every penny helps I guess
Secondly is a list of the quailty of life in the various cities (also by Mercer)

Most expensive Cities
1. Moscow

2. London

3. Seoul

4. Tokyo

5. Hong Kong

6. Copenhagen7. Geneva8. Osaka9. Zurich10. Oslo11. Milan12. St Petersburg13. Paris14. Singapore
15. New York

Quality of Living in the cities
1. Zurich

2. Geneva

3. Vancouver

4. Vienna

5. Auckland

6. Dusseldorf7. Frankfurt8. Munich9. Bern9. Sydney11. Copenhagen12. Wellington13. Amsterdam14. Brussels15. Toronto


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